About Buckaroo

In 2005 Buckaroo started as a Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands. In 2020 Buckaroo also opened an office in Belgium. Buckaroo was the first payment provider who offered iDEAL. The range of payment methods was quickly expanded with SEPA direct debit and credit cards. A few years later, SEPA direct debit and credit cards were added to our services. We now offer over 40 payment methods and giftcards. We’re a strategic payment partner for over 5,000 businesses and organizations. We offer solutions for any question concerning payments.

Payment Service Provider

What exactly does a Payment Service Provider (PSP) do? In short: a PSP processes online payments. At Buckaroo, we offer solutions for any question concerning payments. Whether it’s about an iDEAL payment in a webshop, a QR payment by smartphone or the collection of subscription fees by direct debit.

Payment methods

In order to offer our customers a wide range of payment methods, we’ve partnered up with several payment brands, of which iDEAL is the most popular. But certainly not the only one. If you decide to build an internet checkout at Buckaroo, you can choose from over 40 national and international payment methods. Such as credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), postpay (AfterPay, Klarna) and brandnew payment apps (Payconiq).

FinTech and security

Buckaroo processes payments by making use of smart payment technology. Incoming payments are linked to the appropriate outstanding amount. We are under supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank). Payments are forwarded through a Stichting Derden Gelden account (or through the merchant’s account). This is also the bank account number mentioned on the customers’ bank statement.


As FinTech, we always strive to offer you the best, fastest and easiest payment method. And, most importantly, the safest one. That’s the reason why we do not only invest in the latest technique, but also in our compliance team. Admittedly, we can be selective in the customers we take on, but we do so in order to combat money laundering.